Goal reinforcement

Once you understand that you are doing good to your body and it will thank you (if it could speak), it doesn’t look so scary after all! 

You may think of sugars as the one you use to sweeten your coffee or tea, but this bastard is hiding under a lot of other masks too. Before you see the list of things you should exclude, pause for a moment, grab a pen and your journal and write down the following: 

•    How would it feel to be in control of my cravings, deciding not to eat something because it’s not good for me and not letting my momentary whims overtake the stirs?

•    Why is it important for me to be healthy?

•    What is my desired physical shape? Is it more important to achieve it or succumb to less lasting pleasures?

Read this list in your moments of weakness to help you stay on track. The end goal is much more lasting than the pleasure of satisfying the sweet tooth. 

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