How to manage distractions

During the practice, which can last from 5 to 20 minutes, you should make everything possible to stay still, without any movement. What you can experience, is a sudden urge to scratch something, because your mind, which got used to the state of unrest, will start searching for other things to do.

Other possible attention thieves are distractions from the outside – you may feel that some very distant sound makes it difficult for you to concentrate and stay in practice. Any time you notice this happening, acknowledge the sounds and let them be – escort your attention back to your body.

One more thing that you can notice is an inflow of thoughts. They may even be screaming at you. Past memories, events of the day, recent conversation, mental rehearsing of unpleasant situations, whom you need to call, what you need to reply to work email, what to wear to the dinner this Friday… the list goes on. When you hear these thoughts, stay compassionate towards yourself. Do not chase them away or become angry that you can’t concentrate, simply do your best to remain in practice.

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