Getting started

To start, choose one activity that you habitually receive instant gratification from. Pick only one and the one that you are reasonably sure you can manage.

For example, you may resist the temptation of checking your phone once you get a notification. Start with a shorter time, let’s say 5 minutes and think of another activity that you could do instead. You could leave your phone and go for a short walk, get a coffee, read a book, or engage in a conversation.

Gradually increase the time before checking your phone. Once you feel comfortable, start training delaying gratification with other habits.  

You may find it helpful to practice gratitude in moments like these. With time, you’ll see that you develop more and more distance, your patience improves, and your motivation lasts longer when you start new challenging and long-term projects, such as transferring your life to become a Sustainable and Composed young leader – Z Game Changer!

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