Getting more specific

When you understand what wealth means for you, you also know better the direction you should be going. Having a goal of “being a millionaire” is too broad and lacks any purpose. Having a goal of “Having 3 successful businesses that bring cumulatively $1,000,000 a year in profits so that I can afford traveling around the world because I love it” is much better.

Based on what you want to achieve and why, your wealth interpretation will be different. 

Understanding precisely what wealth means for you creates a goal that you can feel satisfaction from achieving. If you just want to be wealthy without understanding what it really means for you, no amount of money will ever make you feel satisfied. Any time you significantly improve your financial situation, you will realize it is not enough, and you want more.

Chasing an infinite amount of money to compensate for the feeling of emptiness or “it’s not enough” sets you up for failure. Be really clear on what you want and chunk it in small manageable goals, which you can achieve and celebrate!

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