Mindfulness Program overview

You may be interested in specific courses about mindfulness, or you may want to gain a broader perspective. I strongly encourage you to take all the courses in Mindfulness series in the exact order as indicated by the syllabus. This will help you build a solid practice, and learn new exercises once you are ready. Every next course builds on the elements of the previous one and prepares you for more advanced practices in the consecutive courses.

The Program has elements of 8-weeks Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. You will also learn other aspects of Mindfulness, from yogic philosophy, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, ancient practices, neuroplasticity, psychology and science. This should give you a broader view and more solutions to choose from. 

Even though you have access to each course for 90 days after you purchase it, do not postpone its start after the enrolment. Keep up the momentum!

If you want to have an unlimited access to all the courses in the series, consider Mindfulness Program Membership.

awaken your senses

 Awaken your senses

An introductory course to get you started with the topic of mindfulness, re-discover your senses and re-connect with them to be more alert and focused.

body awareness

Build Body Awareness 

Re-connect with your body, learn to listen to it, understand how body and mind are interrelated, and discover relaxation techniques to ease your sleep, stress and tensions management.


Control your Breath to control your Life

Breathing exercises to prepare you for meditation further, relax and draw your attention inwards.

seated meditation

Learn Seated Meditation

It may be difficult to jump straight to meditation without prior experience, and many people get discouraged as they can’t maintain stillness. But after preceding 3 courses you will be ready to start your practice seamlessly.


Managing Stress with Mindfulness

Stress is what derails our lives the most. This is also the reason more and more people get interested in mindfulness. Understand more how stress works, what does it do to your body and mind and discover more relaxing and restoring techniques to manage your stress levels.


Heal your emotions

Emotions, especially unmanaged, play a key role in stress response. Understand more your own emotions and work with them in this module. 

holistic lifestyle

Building Holistic Lifestyle

More ideas on how to bring mindfulness in all areas of your life and how it can help you create more balance. More advanced Pranayama and yogic moral principles to enrich your life. 


Achieving peace through Compassion

Relations with the world around, compassion, empathy, and strategies to become a better human being with mindfulness. Learn about compassion fatigue and receive pointers on how you can continue your practice after the final course.

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