Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Let’s have a closer look at both of the mindsets:

Fixed mindset

Fixed mindset have people who believe that intelligence and talent are traits that you are born with. As a result of this belief, they conclude that hard work doesn’t pay off since one can’t really improve their innate skills. When people with this mindset receive feedback, they take it personally and get very upset. The feedback puts them down and doesn’t cause any improvement. 

Growth mindset

Growth mindset individuals believe that intelligence is a result of hard work and any talent can be developed if enough effort is put into it. These people strive to learn new things and do not give up when encountering failure, as they understand this is a part of the learning process and readily embrace it. Feedback is something that growth mindset individuals actively seek and treat as guidance for their improvement. They understand that their own evaluation of their performance may be restricted by insufficient information, hence feedback is the missing piece that helps them continue growing.  

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