Feeding your body

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Body shaming and unrealistic pressure from the society to look skinny jeopardize the health of many people who go on diets, starving themselves and developing many deficiencies of indispensable elements. These deficiencies, in turn, trigger illnesses, lack of energy and sometimes can even lead to depression.

Omega-3, zinc, vitamin B9, and B12 deficiency is observed in people who suffer from a major depressive disorder when correcting the deficiencies was correlated with the ease of the symptoms. 

Sometimes the busy lifestyle that many of us lead takes our attention from proper body nourishment with food as well. We skip meals, grab something on the go, torture our bodies with fast-foods and highly processed foods or choose a quick snack, which just fills us up with empty calories.

Living on autopilot, we often forget to give enough attention to how we make sure our bodies are well taken care of.