Feeding the body

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Nutrition plays a crucial role in stress management. Proteins are the building blocks of tissues, and you need them for restoration. Fats, especially essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, regulate inflammation, and build a healthy brain (which is made of fat). Imbalance of these two elements can be a cause of depression by itself. Many vitamins affect your mental health (especially B-group) and serve as precursors of hormones or neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). Minerals also affect many processed in the body, including the health of your bones. And all of these you can take from food!

In times of increased stress or depression, pay more attention to what you eat to help your body get back to health faster. Hydrate properly with quality water (not sugary beverages). This would ensure all chemical processes perform in your body well.

Water imbalance affects your mood too. Spend more time in forests and away from polluted cities to facilitate your lungs clearing from toxins. And use more of natural body care products to avoid the accumulation of more toxins in the body.