What you’ll need

Abhyanga and dry-brushing the body is what you’ll be doing today.

Here is what you’ll need to have handy:

body brush (a bigger brush with soft hair) or a washcloth if you have delicate and sensitive skin

Ayurveda dry brushing
Garshana and  Abhyanga

Old towels which can be used for oil dripping from the body and to protect furniture 

Oil mix and a bowl of hot water to warm the oil mix.

Essential oils mix for the Ayurvedic massage

For oil mix, use a carrier oil (vegetable oil, olive oil or any other you have handy) with a few drops of essential oils for each spoon of the carrier.

If you don’t have essential oils with you and won’t get the opportunity to get some before starting the practice, simply use the oil you use for cooking or coconut oil. 

Get into a bathroom or a room, where you could perform this relaxing procedure before taking a shower.

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