Executive Team

Executive Team is the highest level management of the company. In new and emerging SMEs and start-ups it is usually the founding team, given that the main roles and responsibilities are covered with the founding team’s skills. 

Here are some of the essential roles for the Executive Team:

  • Executive Director (aka CEO) – Executive Team, but not Board of Directors
  • Marketing Director (aka CMO)
  • Finance Director (aka CFO)
  • Technology Director (aka CTO)

Depending on the nature of your enterprise, here are some additional roles which could be more essential depending on the industry:

  • Information Director (aka CIO) – has to do with Information Systems more than with the Infrastructure as compared to CTO
  • Operations Director (COO) – especially for production-based companies, but also important in services

If the founding members’ skills do not cover at least the essential roles, you may need to hire externally for these positions. 

Pro tip: as a rising Social Enterprise, you may want to build at least Proof-of-Concept, Prototype or Early Version of the Product with your founding team and approach the investors before hiring more “expensive” executive team members. This may require learning new skills by the members of the team to keep you going in the initial days of your company. Hiring someone without having substantial funds to pay at least 6 months of salaries is not a good idea, because your company may or may not start generating profits fast enough to keep covering salary expense.

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