The action plan

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Engage your neighborhood in a tree-planting weekend! Build bonds and new friendships all while benefiting the environment.  Here is a list of things you can follow for this event:

identify the potential location for trees, flowers, and other plants

check with local authorities or building administration if you require any permit for this type of activity 

learn which plant species would grow well with low-maintenance 

make a schedule to onboard people and see how much time you need. Is there an online communication channel where you could post an announcement? Or information board? Personal contact is always the best 

recruit a couple of neighbors to help you spread the word and see preliminary interest and engagement (make it sound fun, a meaningful family day out)

set the date (remember about permit if you need it and account for it while setting your date)

collect money or ask everyone to get a tree (you can advise which shop and tree type, so that the street looks consistent with the greenery. You may also get a discount for bulk purchase – check with a selected shop for possibilities) 

do the same with the tools to plant the trees – either collect money to buy them or ask everyone to bring their own

get down to work!

After the trees are planted, you need to decide how to take care of them (if they need additional maintenance). Make a schedule to engage the volunteers or if you collectively decide to hire a company – research which one would do this. You can also offer to collect money and pay someone from the neighborhood who has a weak financial condition – an additional good act that benefits everyone!

You can download the checklist from this topic together with the course summary in the last lesson.