Eliminating obstacles before they set in

Done with the plan? Great! Now, it’s time to think about any obstacles that may prevent you from achieving your goals. Think about what can prevent you from getting the things done and construct a contingency plan. 

For example: 

Short-term goal: limit alcohol consumption to a maximum of 2 servings once a week

Threats: more than 1 social event a week, that would have alcohol served


1) select only events I absolutely have to attend until I feel comfortable staying sober around people who drink

2) Explain to my friends that I decided to go non-alcoholic for a few weeks and ask for their support

3) Driving to the event, which will prevent me from drinking (no drink driving please, be responsible!).

Now, as you have a fail-proof plan, you can come back to it any time you feel like resigning. If you did the exercise diligently, reading your own desires and risk mitigation strategies will fuel your motivation. 

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