El Niño effect

The years 2015-2018 have been the warmest in the history. Until El Niño picked 2019 as the new candidate for the hottest ever, surpassing the heat of 2015. The hottest among the four mentioned.

The weather anomalies which are triggered by the warmer phase of ENSO can result in tornados, heatwaves and extreme rainfalls in different parts of the globe. This could lead to floods, landslides, wildfires, and heatwaves, depending on the direction of the influence.

El Niño contributes to global warming as well as gets stronger because of the rising temperatures. It is another self-propelling feedback loop in nature.

Similarly to the topic of the cloud, there is still no consensus among the scientists how interactions between global warming and ENSO will develop. But what we know already now, increased extreme weather occurrences worldwide are connected to the El Niño effect, which in turn is affected by rising global temperatures

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