Effectiveness is the final objective which VfM audit evaluates and it has to do with outcomes. The efficiency deals with outputs, but these by themselves mean nothing. You could be manufacturing like crazy (high outputs) but your products/services are not sold because they do not offer an EFFECTIVE solution to the customers’ problems. 

For example, you want to teach kids STEM for free, create a lot of online classes and then realize that those who need it don’t have internet access! You were efficient with creating all of the classes, but they are not effective, because they don’t create the impact you intended them to do.

If you can translate outputs (classes in this case) into outcomes or impact (educating your target audience), that’s when your project will score high on effectiveness! That’s why it’s always important to understand the real pain point or an issue you are trying to resolve and get to the core of it.

We start digging in into this in the next lesson and will expand more on the topic in Design Thinking module of this course. 

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