Don’t overdo it

One more depiction of mindfulness in practice is following your body’s guidance. Poses, as you see them in pictures or from your yoga instructor – are the final stage. This does not show you what you should do, but which direction you should do it.

For example, in Trikonasana (triangle pose) teachers usually reach the floor with their hand. But for a beginner, holding a pose correctly without reaching the floor is more important than getting the palm down and suffering severe back pain or straining leg muscle.

You should reach the point in any pose where it feels nice. Where you feel a slight tension from engagement, but it doesn’t pose a danger to your health. 

The next practice for you is a short yoga sequence, taken from YouTube. You should prepare for it by wearing comfortable clothes and having a yoga mat or a kilt on the floor. You should also go into the pose as deep as your body allows you. Listen to your inner dialog. Let the body guide you, not a mirror.

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