Do it before it’s too late

We already spoke about people’s inability to relax, of not giving time for restoration to the body. We rarely care about getting out of stress, whereas statistics show that chronic stress is one of the major influencers on the development of multiple diseases.  We get affected by the stress and let it go more in-depth by having negative thoughts while making our stress response inefficient or non-existent.

The stress is the best managed when its damaging influence is prevented rather than cured. Why wait until it’s too late and we develop a severe disease that makes our life unbearable? Anxiety and depression are on the rise and are the highest historically, which is all a direct outcome of stress overload. When we know all of this, why do we still chose to take the risk of getting into these states, while just by paying a bit more attention to ourselves we can prevent them?

Yoga Nidra is used to complement the treatment of anxiety and depression when in mild forms. More severe depressive states didn’t show to be very responsive to the practice[1], the mind is totally out of control then, it requires more effort to practice, the resource which is the least accessible when one is feeling so resigned. 

The practice of yogic sleep restores the body from the influence of stress and can be used as a preventative tool as well as complementary to medical therapy for a host of illnesses, including depression, anxiety, hypertension, insomnia, coronary disease, respiratory dysfunctions and many more.


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