Diversity and multiculturalism

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First of all, diversity should be achieved, keeping multiculturalism in mind. This means we can’t just treat everyone as a homogeneous person, as if their background did not matter. We need to acknowledge and celebrate each and every difference of every human and speak about it freely and with respect.

Multicultural teams in corporate setting tend to outperform homogeneous groups with regards to performance and efficiency. When people with diverse backgrounds get together, they can optimize work efficiency based on their innate ability to perform some type of work better than the other. Diverse culture means that people would think twice before saying something, as not to offend anyone present. This kindness and attention create a different atmosphere than careless co-existence when we think everyone in our group is the same and things the same way.  

The most significant benefit that diversity could bring in term of climate change is innovation and creativity. People from different groups may have a different view of the same problem. Hence, getting together and combining all the views may result in an unprecedented outcome.  This is what we need, given that the existing solutions are not sufficient so far.

Diverse groups can also reduce “group thinking”, where everyone applies the same principle. This could prevent potential problems or give another perspective to the same issue. People from different countries may also have tried similar solutions, so they can share the likely outcomes, saving time on unnecessary trials to test a model.  

The world is better when diverse!

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