Distraction-free mode

When your senses are turned outwards, you concentrate on the objects of this world, you want to own these objects, to be in possession of them and start chasing the goals which do not make you happy. You see someone has a nice car, the senses tell you that this is what you are missing to happiness – a nice car. You work and study hard, neglect family and friends, and in a year you buy a car. But it doesn’t feel as good as you expected. You got led by senses. 

But when you withdraw your senses and turn your attention inwards, you may hear what on the deepest layer your consciousness wants. It is not a car. It may be a feeling you are craving, or it may be all already there – everything your mind wants when it is free from distractions of the shiny objects in the world outside.

Hence sense withdrawal is not a sense suppression. It is letting you understand what you truly want, what is really important when artificial distractions are taken out of your way. Developing a clear vision, equanimity, and self-understanding results from sense withdrawal, when it is apparent that what is important is much above a simple shiny car.

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