Discrimination worsens everything

People who express discriminating attitudes feel superiority towards others and consciously or subconsciously believe that turning down some people would be better for their own group. However, the opposite is true. A diverse society is  more innovative and prosperous than a closed and hostile group. Discrimination also departs from the logic behind eco-friendliness, since people with all their differences are a part of our environment and eco-systems. How could the desire to save the planet be biased by discretion against some of its parts?

One of the problems that discrimination creates is chronic stress, especially for those being discriminated. Eventually, it can lead to developing anxiety and depression, causing people to avoid places where discrimination happens. With such, we can observe work absenteeism or lack of participation in social activities. But even those who discriminate or third parties who are present in the situation, all negative experience feelings, stress, and mental anomalies. Tensed atmosphere affect everyone.

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