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A calmer outcome can be achieved using diaphragmatic breathing. The diaphragm is a muscle which primary purpose is to facilitate breathing. It is located just in the middle of your torso, separating the lungs (chest) and abdomen. Engaging diaphragm will minimize the use of rib cage muscles, creating the most efficient form of breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing is used in yoga and pranayama and it is also known as abdominal or belly breathing. 

Try it now for a moment – breathe in keeping your chest unaffected with the breath and you will see how your belly rises. But it doesn’t expand because the air gets into it. The air fills the lungs, but because diaphragm moves down, creating this capacity for lungs to expand (as opposed to side-ways expansion in rib cage breathing), all the organs which are located in the abdominal cavity get less space, and hence move to different sides, pushed by the diaphragm.