Dialog with subconsciousness

Deep sleep state is also incredibly relaxing for the body. With Yoga Nidra, you achieve the benefit of full restoration, by getting your body into sleep, but you keep your mind awake, which has an extra benefit. Because our subconsciousness influences our functioning in many ways, whereas we have little control over it, having the moments in which you can instruct your subconsciousness by having a controlled dialog with it, is the best way to rewire your mind to achieve anything you want, all this while restoring from stress.

As you can see, mindfulness changes your brain structure and adds a lot of quality to your life. To become more mindful, you do not even need to force yourself to sit thoughtlessly, it is enough to close your eyes and redirect all of your attention to breathing. The benefits are indeed countless compared to a minimal investment in the form of eagerness you need to make.

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