Design Thinking Overview

Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design (HCD) approach proved to be a very effective way for companies, especially purpose-driven and community-oriented projects, to identify the right solutions to address the real needs.

Design Thinking is a very broad topic which is implemented in various industries and roles. Learning all there is about it can take you months if not years, so here we’ll narrow it down to the main steps which you’ll be using with your team for the next couple of weeks to define your problem statement and to come up with the relevant (and needed) solution for it!

The stages of the design thinking process are as follows:

Stage 1 – Empathize

Stage 2 – Define

Stage 3 – Ideate

Stage 4 – Prototype

Stage 5 – Test 

This is the process you will go through this and the next two weeks, and which will allow you to create a really impactful and needed solution that works!

Let’s get started! 

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