Delaying gratification

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But mindfulness is not a quick fix. It’s a way of living, which is rewarding and transformational. And as many changes, which are long-term in nature, mindfulness needs time to start showing you the results of your work. It is a practice before it is a habit. Before it becomes effortless, you need to engage some discipline into your actions. 

Mindfulness change is slow and subtle, but you should keep going. Change your perspective from the anticipation of benefits to the joy of the journey.

Now, take a moment to think – what is the joy in the journey of self-discovery that mindfulness brings you? In the next exercise you’ll go a bit deeper into this question. Before you start, prepare a journal and reserve some me-time for self-reflection.

Think about how you could create a peaceful and joyful atmosphere for your journaling time, to make it more into an experience rather than “homework”.