Define your focus

You probably want to address a lot of injustices and improve many things. And this is great, this means you are a really good person! However, your impact will be bigger and more meaningful if you focus on one thing. You could try and help many people and causes just a bit with a broad focus, or you could produce a bigger and long-term change in one area, which will also last forever and not temporarily when you try to do everything at once. 

Social Entrepreneur

So, focus is really a must! But where do you start? You start with yourself – by understanding better what really accelerates your heartbeat! Take a moment to sit comfortably, close your eyes and try to recall which of your actions made you feel elated? If you already tried volunteering, you will probably know that you’d prefer more to perform some actions. Be it to help the environment, advocate for social justice or improving someone’s life by helping them. 

What of the categories below would best describe the target of your help which makes you feel:

  • the most energized and content
  • engages you the most when you help 
  • sparks your interest whenever you hear this topic


  • People
  • Animals 
  • Environment 

Don’t move on to the next section until you choose one of the categories. It pays off to spend more time now to get everything set for the smooth operations in the future.

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