Customers portrait

The second part of the solution focuses on identifying who your customers are based on the model you chose for your company. Try to create their portrait in as many details as possible. You can (and should) even paste a picture of how you imagine them (google will help to find it). 

Brainstorm with your team, what is the persona of a customer who buys from you? What matters to them? What problems do they have? What is their usual day like? What do they think about? 

Climate Justice examples

Don’t even try saying “Everyone is our target customer”. When you market to everyone, you market to no one. The more personalized your solution to the specific (real) person’s need, the more successful your enterprise will be.

Once the portrait is ready, assign team members a task to find 1-2 representatives (each team member) of your customers in real world. You could search internet forums, discussion groups on Facebook, Quora or even contact non-profits who serve your customers and ask them to help you connect with the beneficiaries for a short interview in a week’s time. If you work by yourself, try finding 5-10 people.

We’ll discuss the interview in details in Design Thinking module, but already now start getting ready by creating a list of people and their contact information. Connecting with your beneficiaries and creating a dialog is extremely important!

Cause-based community projects for Gen Z

You can reach out to them introducing yourself and giving a bit of a background – that you participate in a project with the goal of creating a solution that work for people like them. Ask them if they agree to a short 30-45 minutes video interview in a week’s time to answer a few questions or if they can’t – ask for permission to ask the questions via email. 

Once your assignment is ready, submit it to your instructor in the next step of this lesson.

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