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Animals are also treated with extreme cruelty in these factories. When they are grown in tight conditions, their horns, beaks, and tails are mutilated to prevent harming neighboring animals with this. This is done to avoid infections since the wounds caused by other animals’ horns or beaks are open to filthy conditions in factory farms. These practices are performed without painkillers or anesthesia on animals, which experience everything consciously. Similarly, animals are often tortured before slaughtering. As animals have their throats slit, they stay aware of what’s happening (as well as seeing animals next to them being slaughtered).

No living creature deserves such a treatment. If you are not concerned with animal’s welfare, just think of what effect on your health consuming meat of animals raised in such conditions would have. If you are a carnivore and find it difficult to resign from meat, you do not need to. But make sure that the place which you get your meat from treats animals with dignity and ensures better treatment. It’s worth this little extra money that you’d need to pay for such meat.