Creating your Mandala

You can find Mandala therapist (or Art therapist) if you are looking for an interpretation of the meaning of your mandalas, but you can also use its healing powers just to relax, focus, develop patience, creativity, and the insight will come naturally after some time. When you create mandalas, you learn more about yourself than any personality test can tell you.  

Creating a mandala can be a meditation in itself. As you direct all of your attention to a single activity, you achieve Dharana or concentration. You calm your mind down and start noticing better what is going on in your head. You also observe yourself and discover your reactions, habits, belief systems, thought patterns, and much more!  

As you draw a mandala, the most important is to keep a circular shape and draw spontaneously. Just let whatever comes to mind pour into a paper. There’s no one right way of creating a mandala – unless you are doing it as an art piece, you should simply forget yourself in it and let imagination draw with your hands. You notice that as you let yourself to be with your mandala fully, the concept of time disappears. 

Many people are reluctant to try drawing mandalas as they think they are not creative or artistic. Well, in terms of creativity, we know that anyone can develop it with neuroplasticity. But anyhow, this is beyond the point – the goal of creating a mandala is self-discovery. We all know how to draw a circle, straight lines, squares, and triangles, and this is absolutely enough for creating a mandala!

Just try this meditative relaxation activity to discover for yourself, how it feels like. With time, you will want to make mandalas everywhere! A couple of years back, I held a few stone mandala workshops, each of them attended by people without any artsy background. The majority was terrified at the beginning of the workshop how their creations will come out, and more, how they will compare to others. However, as they submerged in the activity for 3 hours, they totally enjoyed it, forgetting about everyone around. No single person so far has shared that they are disappointed, quite the opposite – they loved their masterpieces! More importantly, many of them took the practice further, continuing this artsy therapy by themselves at home.   

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