Controlling the spread

In the past pandemics, the way to eradicate the virus was mass vaccination of global population. One of the deadliest disease known in human history, smallpox, was fully eradicated thanks to global efforts to vaccinate the entire population. Polio is another disease where vaccination can successfully prevent the pandemic. But both of the examples are not zoonotic.  

Because of the animal reservoirs that coronaviruses or other zoonotic viruses have, it is extremely difficult to control the spread of the disease. Global vaccination in such cases can prove futile. To successfully protect from the zoonotic viruses, we need to reach to their source – their natural reservoir. 

That’s why it is so important to understand where the disease-carrying pathogens originate and through which animals they pass before jumping onto humans. The measures then can be applied either to prevent the contact with the natural disease reservoir or by mitigating the infection among the carrier animals[1].


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