Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST)

This technology makes use of the heat that we receive concentrating sunlight with the help of mirrors on tanks filled with water or other liquid. Mirrors help to reflect more of the sun and increase the heat directed into each of the containers with liquid. The heat then warms the water to the boiling condition to produce steam, which powers the turbine connected to a generator. Rotating turbine creates electricity and generator sends it to the high-voltage lines to distribute across the city (or area the lines cover).
How GE’s Concentrated Solar Thermal plant works

To compare, the electricity which we get from burning coal or gas is obtained in a very similar fashion. The coal or gas are used to boil the water, which produces steam activating the turbine. Through mechanical work, the electricity is generated and sent over the grid. Solar energy can achieve the same without CO2 emissions. The only problem is the space to gather energy from the sun.

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