Coming back to now

You should realize that memories are just records in your mind. Some of them can bring you joy, some sadness, but they are not happening now. When you get so much entangled with past memories, you forget that you are here now and your life happens now. You can build new memories, and you can live through what is around you. Move with the moment, appreciating every unique moment that converts from the present in the past as you experience it.

While many of us live in the past, we also pre-live our future. We imagine the events that didn’t happen or anticipate a better tomorrow. One of the killers of the present moments is the statement “when…then…”. When I get a raise, I will work less. When my children grow up, I will rest more. When I get more time, I start taking care of myself. But this “when” keeps shifting front all the time, keeping a time lag for the second part of the statement – “then” part. Why not do it now? Why wait for a better future? You can create a better NOW.

Make every second count to live life to its fullest. Your mind may trick you into thinking that you are happy in the past or in the present, but you do not live there. You are here in now, and that’s where your mind should also be. Be aware of where you are and make your current location a cozy place to be in.

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