Have you managed to gather your team? Do you have a group of co-founders? Here are the next steps for you to do:

Invite all of your team members to connect on the platform and form a group chat


How to do this? 

In the forum discussion, click on the profile name of each of your team members and click “connect” button once you see their profile. 

Once you are connected, click on the “inbox” and compose a message. Write down all the handles of your group in the “TO” field, compose your message and hit “send”.

If you choose to continue the bootcamp without a group, but by yourself, you can skip this step.

Get to know each other better, come up with the name and select your team leader or representative


Introduce yourself to your group and explain your motivation for the cause you’ve chosen. You can organize a Zoom or Google Handouts call to do it live if you prefer so.

Once you know each other better, start brainstorming the name for your project (and potential future enterprise).

Next step would be to appoint a leader – or a person responsible for making sure that everything goes according to the schedule for the next week. Since it’s a collective leadership effort, you will be choosing a new person for the leadership role and to represent your team every week, so each gets a chance to polish leadership skills.

Leader’s assignment:

  • Submit in the next step of this lesson the name of your team, the cause you support, your reach (local/global) and all the handles of the team members you formed a group with
  • Select the most suitable time this week for your team mentorship call and coordinate that all members mark this date to join the call together.
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