Wild animals also experience a lot of cruelty in circuses and in some tourist attractions. They undergo intense training when they are tortured, deprived of food and sleep and abused in all possible ways to tame their independent nature and teach how to succumb to the commands of their “owners”. A concept that the animals did not know before.

Do not support these practices. Children may be delighted to see an hour performance in a circus, but is this moment of joy worth sacrifices lives of animals and all the mistreatment they go through?

You may look nice on a picture hugging a wild tiger, but is this one shot justifies the freedom forcefully taken away from him? And elephants which can do all sorts of stuff they are instructed to – do you really think they developed these abilities naturally? The same stands for items made of exotic animals’ body parts. By buying them, you sustain demand, an equivalent of giving permission to kill more wildlife purposelessly.

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