Breathing Meditation

Find yourself in a comfortable sitting position, either cross-legged or on a chair. Place your hands on your thighs in a relaxed manner. Ensure your spine is straight as if someone is pulling you from the top of your head. While keeping your spine straight, relax the rest of the body. When you are ready, close your eyes. 

Take a moment to notice how does your body feel today. Are there any sensations arising anywhere? Simply take a mental note on them, acknowledge their existence. Bring your attention to the points on your body which have direct contact with your sit or the ground. Can you feel the pressure on your skin? Feel how you are sinking in your sit. Notice how your feet touch the ground. Settle in this sensation of grounding and take a moment to explore how your body sinks into the support that the chair, a cushion or the floor provides it.

Slowly, start shifting your attention to the breath. Take a few deep breaths, slowly and mindfully. Notice how the air fills your lungs and then leaves them. Breathe in and out. In and out. 

Now, return to your natural breathing and observe how does it happen. Slowly, start engaging your diaphragm into breathing and notice how your belly rises and falls on the inhale and exhale. Do not try to control your breath, let it happen naturally. 

Shift your attention to the point just below your nose and above your lips, observe how breath happens here, how it comes inside at this point. As you inhale, observe how the air feels, the subtle feeling of coolness. As you exhale, notice how the air which leaves your body feels warmer. Take a few breaths to sink into this nourishing sensation of breathing.

As you notice your mind wanders away, slowly bring it back to the breath. If you find it helpful you can mentally label the inhale as IN and the exhale as OUT. Watch how you are breathing In and Out.

Now, imagine how on the inhale, clean, colorless air comes in. Feel how it spreads in your body reaching every cell and bringing in the fresh oxygen, which nourishes you. As you exhale, imagine that the air you breathe out has a darker color. Think of all the impurities leaving your body with the air you exhale. Inhale fresh air, let it take all the bad things away with it and breathe it out. 

We rarely appreciate our breath, which works all the time to keep us alive. When you walk, when you eat, when you sleep, now, as you meditate, breath just happens. You do not need to control it and remember to breathe, the breath is always there for you. 

After the next exhale, slowly start coming back to the room. Notice the sounds in your surroundings. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you are ready, gently open your eyes. 

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