Breathing and Consciousness

Breath can teach you a lot about yourself. When you hold your breath, it usually indicated that on the unconscious level there’s something in your life that you refuse to take control over. When you gasp huge inhales, this means that your brain needs more oxygen – a sign of preparation for sharper performance, required for fight-or-flight mode.

Observing and influencing your breath has a subconscious element to it. Once you realize that you can be in control of the thing that operates autonomously and automatically – you realize that you can also be in control of the non-autonomous processes – such as your reactions to stressors and emotions. That’s why breathing can also be an emergency meditation when you feel overwhelmed.

You can focus on where your breath arises on the part which attracts your attention the most – nose, belly, chest, air below your nose and above your lip or even full body. 

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