Find a comfortable position and sit as you do naturally. Just relax. Now, straighten your spine, roll your shoulders back and engage your diaphragm to take a slow inhale through your nose, counting until 4. As you arrive at the end of your inhale, slowly start letting the air out, counting until four. As you reach the pause at the end of the exhale, count during the pause until 2.

The longer the counting, the better, but lengths should be selected with the view of what is long for you now and how long can you make it, when it is still comfortable. Extend your breath to calm down, not to stress more about making it too long.

When you choose another number of counts, make the pause half the lengths of your inhale or exhale. Here we use 4-4-2, you may want to have 6-6-3 or 2-2-1 (though the latter is too short). Find what feels convenient and let’s start 3 minutes breathing exercise with the count you chose. Use a timer or play recoding at the top of this screen.

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