Brain parts you should know

Hypothalamus is a brain structure that governs your stress response, fight-or-flight mode that gets activated when danger is sensed  

Olfactory bulb – as I mentioned in previous courses, the sense of smell has the strongest connection to the emotions. 

The insula is the part of the limbic system that is responsible for empathy. 

Hippocampus is responsible for short-term memory and translation of it into long-term ones. Emotions influence memories and make them more memorable. Moreover, hippocampus brings smell, sound, and vision to the emotional processing, causing them to arise.  

Amygdala – this is your fear center. It plays a major role in emotional response and is linked to the survival instinct. The bigger this part is, the most aggressive a behavior you’ll have. When you act on emotions – this is because of your over-active amygdala. 

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