Old Veda texts explain that the dominance of right and left nostrils change throughout the day, which indicates that hemisphere dominance changes as well. As such, when we have more air coming from the left nostril, it means that the right brain hemisphere (the creative part) is working harder now. Whereas the right nostril dominance tells us the left brain hemisphere is now more active, which is our logical half of the brain. 

If you are curious to know which cycle you are in – logical or creative – you can do a simple experiment. Take a mirror, place it directly under your nostrils and exhale. Watch, condensation of which side stays longer before it evaporates, this is the nostril which is dominant now. Through balancing pranayamas, such as Nadi Shodhana or Anuloma Viloma, you stimulate both sides, which in turn stimulate Shushumna – the central nadi, creating harmony and equilibrium to your body and mind. 

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