Bowl maintenance

End of each month, once you have all of your expenses sorted and nothing is missing, empty the bowl to make a place for the new month’s bills. You may also choose to take pictures of the recipes if you don’t like the idea of collecting physical recipes and storing all of them in a separate folder either on your phone or other devices.

When you shop online, you usually get your e-invoice in your mailbox. For online purchases, follow the same principle as with the bowl – create an e-bowl. There are a few ways you can do this. You can create a separate label or folder in your mailbox to place there all the invoices. You can also download the invoices to the folder created on your desktop, or make use of online tools, such as Google Drive or Evernote to keep your spendings in the cloud. 

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Each month end, go through the list to make sure all the purchases, either paid with cash, card, PayPal or with other modes of payment, are reflected in your spending journal. After this, you can either delete or archive the files. A good practice would be moving your recorded expenses kept in digital form to a subfolder within the main recipe e-bowl, named the same as the month which the expenditures took place. Keeping the folders for the full year may sometimes be helpful as a safeguard practice.

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