Body Scan Meditation

Lie down on your back on a mat or bed. Place your hands alongside body, palms facing up and let your feet fall apart naturally. Make any adjustments now to feel comfortable, to stay in this position until body scan ends. Close your eyes. Take a moment to notice how does your body feel? Are there any tensions that you experience? Any pain or other sensations? Breathe naturally and prepare for the body scan.

Bring your awareness to your top of your head. Notice any sensations that you experience here. If you can’t feel anything, it’s okay. We are not trying to create any sensations; we simply want to see what is already here. 

Now, bring your attention to your face and notice any sensations here. Gently scan your face – move your focus to your forehead. If there are any tensions, relax them. Relax your brows, your eyelids, your chicks, your lips, your chin, any other strains you may notice in your face – let them go.

Let your attention travel down your neck, relaxing it bit by bit. Bring your awareness to your right shoulder. If there are any tensions, let them go. Imagine breathing into your shoulder giving it relaxation. Allow your attention to travel now down your shoulder to the elbow, attending to any sensation that you experience here. Relax your muscles and breathe into your elbow. With the next breath move down your hand towards your wrist. Relax any tensions that you experience on the way. Notice your palm, and back of your palm. Now, concentrate on your fingers. Relax them one by one – relax your thumb, your index finger, your middle finger, ring finger, and pinky finger.  

Shift your attention to the left shoulder and give it a few breaths to relax. Allow your attention slowly move down to your elbow, attending to any sensations you experience on the way. Breathe into your elbow, relax the areas around it. Slowly continue your attention journey down to your wrist. Notice any sensations here and let them go. Feel your palm, the back of your palm, your thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and pinky finger.  

Next, bring your focus to your chest. Take a few deep breaths and notice how it expands and collapses. Notice how the air feels your lungs making them move outside in all the directions. Notice its rise and fall with each breath you take. Slowly move your attention down to your belly. Is there anything interesting happening here? Any sensations, subtle or intense. Move your focus to your upper back and see what’s there? Are there any tensions? Now, your middle back. What sensations do you experience here? Finally, your lower back – how does it feel? Are there any pains or other sensations? Simply notice what is happening here.

Give your attention to your pelvis now, bring it a few deep breaths. Notice how your buttocks feel – right one and the left one. Any tensions you have here – let them go, retiring into relaxation. Gently allow your attention to travel to the top of the right leg, your quads. Breathe into them and let them relax. Scan the upper part of your right leg to arrive at your right knee and give it breath. Shower the attention over the back of your right leg. Breathe into this area, letting go of any tensions. Slowly shift your focus to your right shin. Is there anything interesting happening here? Now, your right calve. Relax. Give a few breaths to your ankles, top of your right foot and the back of your foot. Attend to every single toe and give them attention, gently noticing how do they feel.

Bring your attention now to the front of your left leg, between the pelvis and your knee. Scan this area thoroughly to move next to the back of your left leg. Now, breathe into your knee and observe any sensations that arise around it. Shift your focus to your left shin noticing what is happening here. Gently relax your left calf, give it some attention. Now, breathe into your left ankle, the top of your left foot, the back of your left foot, your toes. Relax every single toe, gently and mindfully. 

Now, bring your attention to your whole body, notice how it feels. Are there any areas that need more attention? Breathe into them by simply noticing what is happening. 

Now, slowly bring your attention back to the room, notice what sounds can you hear. The closest sound, the most distant sound. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Turn your head slowly to the right and to the left. Now, put your hands behind your head and give your body a nice, long stretch and relax. When you are ready, open your eyes. 

This week repeat this practice every other morning, on the days when you do not have scheduled mindfulness exercise from the week before. 

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