How Yoga improves Mindfulness

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Yoga can be extremely helpful in the journey of discovery. That’s why it is almost always present in mindfulness retreats, MBSR and MBCT. It helps to increase body awareness, which is essential in achieving secure body-mind connection and balance, called mindfulness.

The struggles that many people face with regards to their bodies is that they are perceived as flawed, dysfunctional or in other ways far from ideal. But this perception is created with the mass culture of compliance to one model of beauty.

It is important, of course, to become fit, this is an embodiment of good health. But on the way there it is also important to appreciate how the body looks now. You should love your body, whether it is in a perfect shape that you envision for it, or requires some fine-tuning before that. The body changes its form, but it is still the same one that you had. 

What yoga does, it helps you to look at your body from a different perspective. You become more appreciative of it and develop a better dialog, befriending your body, like an old buddy. It serves you well all the time and if it is not in ideal shape – it’s something you should work on. Your consciousness decides to stay where you are, not your body.