Benefits of Trataka

This sacred meditation technique is used in Hatha Yoga, often called yogic focusing. In yoga, the object of gaze focus is a burning candle, and the gaze is kept without blinking until tears shed and run down your chicks. The meditation helps to remove toxins from your eyes by cleansing canaliculi canals, simultaneously providing deep emotional release.  

You have probably noticed, that there’s something magical happens when you gaze at fire flames, you calm down, relax and get into a special kind of mood. Gazing at flames actually can reduce your blood pressure from this satisfying deep relax feeling, but when it is combined with meditation practice, benefits extend even further. 

Trataka meditation Ayurveda

Trataka is not your usual meditation. You do not close your eyes, but keep them open, without a single blink! It is mighty releasing and relaxation techniques for quieting the mind and can be used as a preparation for meditation as well as a meditation in itself. Trataka has many study-based[1] medical benefits for your eyes, such as improvement in clarity of vision and some minor ease of eye strain caused by conditions such as astigmatism. 

Gazing meditation may be a good solution for people who struggle to keep still during regular meditation or who are overpowered by mental chatter when they close their eyes, which in the beginning may be a bit discouraging, especially that many people set an unrealistic expectation of meditation. Trataka, however, in all of its simplicity it is a complex process, so ideally it is done under the supervision of experienced yoga master.


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