Belly breathing

Take some time to find a comfortable position in a secluded, quiet room, and lie flat on your back. Take some time to relax and tune into your body’s sensations. Place your right hand on your belly and your left hand on your chest. Take some time to observe how does your natural breathing happen – do you feel the body movement more with your right or left hand? You may close your eyes if it feels nice to you. 

On the next inhale, engage your diaphragm to start a belly breathing. Let your chest soften and fix it so that it doesn’t move on the in-breath. Imagine that you pull the air directly into your stomach and observe how your right hand moves on the inhale with the stomach. Exhale slowly and observe how the belly falls.

Breathe slowly and mindfully, engaging your diaphragm only. Notice how on the deeper inhale, your chest also slightly moves, however, this should not be caused by the rib cage muscles. Continue breathing and observing the movement.

As you inhale, imagine how the diaphragm is moving down your torso, creating more space for the lungs to get the air. Notice the rise of the belly up. As you exhale, the diaphragm is coming back up, causing the belly to fall towards the spine. Relax the whole body and continue mindful observation of the movement of the stomach.

After a few minutes, extend your awareness to the entire body. Notice how does your body feels today. Slowly, start noticing the sounds in your surrounding and come back to the room. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes. 

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