Be conscious

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Neuroplasticity can produce beneficial and damaging changes, if adaptation and coping result in the development of destructive behaviors to cope with stress, such as substance abuse, binge eating, smoking, alcohol abuse, or self-harm. These are all creations of habits, which is neuroplasticity at work, and as much as they were created, again with neuroplasticity, they could be wired out with new, beneficial, and healthy habits formed.

You can consciously work on your stress response and create new healthy habits. The most essential thing in this whole process is stress perception, which decides how much stressor influences you. This is one of the reasons different people have different reactions to the same stressors – some get knocked out by it, whereas others get motivated and energized.

By remembering that you are not your thoughts, you can choose what parts of internal dialog to believe and which ones acknowledge and let go.

Meditation has been proven with multiple studies to cause neuroplastic changes in the brain and different stress perception. Mindfulness, which is a result of meditation, allows you to adopt a different perspective on the stress as well as spot early stress signals and stop the downward spiral of negative thoughts, which intensify the stress.