Awakening vs Stress Management

In the olden days, meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda were mostly seen as a tool to achieve spiritual awakening. Nowadays, we can relate to these as necessary components for relieving stress. Stress was not a concert in the olden days, the stressors were sporadic and mostly in the proximity of wild animals. But now, we experience stress constantly, which builds up and leads to chronic conditions. What ancients used for life enhancement we use for life normalization. Times change, conditions are different now. 

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Ayurveda, even though considered health care system (which means treatment of diseases), it is more of a holistic lifestyle that helps to build wellness through prevention. A human in ayurvedic medicine is seen as a part of nature, hence balance between an individual and their surrounding is very important. 

Learning some basics of Ayurveda can help you enhance your mindfulness experience. 

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