Attitude of gratitude

Mindfulness will help you develop the attitude of gratitude. To have this feeling, when you took (if you did) your first flight, or when you tried something that you dreamt of.


Make it a point to pay more attention to how lucky you are to be surrounded by abundance. To have access to the internet. To have a wide range of entertainment options. To be able to watch TV, listen to music, eat delicious food and virtually anything else!

You may think that you deserve it, which you certainly do, but this doesn’t stay in the way of appreciating what you feel you are entitled to, and being genuinely grateful for it, from the bottom of your heart.

Developing more gratitude also has a massive psychological benefit. You start enjoying every moment of your life much more! You start living your life instead of drifting through it. Look at everything through the eyes of your peer who was born 100 years before you. Look at everything as if you saw it for the first time. Every time.

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