Applied Mindfulness

There are six main pillars spanning through the all 8 courses. You can think of them as the context in which the new knowledge can be applied. Expect to see Mindfulness topics with regards to: 

mindfulness course Pay As You Want


Some scientific and philosophical explanations, as well as a bit of history of Mindfulness



In mindfulness courses breathing is a pillar on its own due to the importance and complexity of the practice. You can find the whole course dedicated to Pranayama

mindfulness body-mind connection


Connection and dependencies between your brain and your body 

Mindfulness theory explained


Detailed explanations of techniques and mindfulness topics before practical exercises.

Gen Z Platform | Z Game Changers


A different angle to look at the things.

mindfulness practical course

Over to you 

Guided practices, meditation, journaling, mindful movement, relaxation techniques, and many more to help you practice and progress in Mindfulness

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