An impartial observer

mindfulness and environment

From today, try at least once a day to change your perspective. Do it consciously and with deliberation – you now know that what you see is not always what is. When something makes you sad – look at the situation from a different perspective. Try to see it with the eyes of another person or from a different angle. Do not assume too much when you see that this leads to negative sensations – try to be an impartial observer of the world around. 

In the next exercise, you will be discover the practice of yogic focusing. It is one more practice, but try not to restrict mindfulness to only one practice a day. Try to incorporate as many elements of what you learned in daily your life as you can. This will only accelerate your positive changes. Same way as your current perception became automatic, through consistent practice you can rewire your brain to see more positivity and to be less reactive in your actions. 

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