An empty glass

Your lifestyle determines how long will you live and how fulfilling your life will be. People spend so much time at work, caring for children, spouses, parents, friends, pets, house, car and other things! But how much out of this time do they spend on the activities that nourish them? Sadly, this caring for others does not come out of selflessness, but out of the feeling of obligation, that we think comes first. 

But without ensuring in the first place own health, you can’t truly care for others. This is especially evident with some loving mothers – they make sure the kids always clean, fed, and entertained, but they forget to eat properly themselves, to go out and have fun with friends, to spend time relaxing and doing activities that truly bring them pleasure. The feeling of bitterness follows, they start blaming everyone for not helping them, whereas they reject help when offered and choose to sacrifice themselves caring for everyone and everything.

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