Amplifying the message

Governments are also made up of people, and the reason many politicians ignore stronger climate action is that they don’t see the threat as immediate. That’s why you and people like you, who are more informed with what’s happening, need to take the topic into your hands. We need to educate everyone else, and we need to play a role in the acceleration of the mindset shift.

Fortunately, with the internet and digital economy, this act can never be easier than now. Remember how we spoke about using the technology to our advantage – we can use social media to spread the message. You can share videos, articles, and factsheets or infographics, highlighting the facts and possible actions. We have a lot of educational materials on our Facebook, Instagram, blog, and YouTube, which you can make use of to onboard your friends. Your friends can then spread the message further. In these small steps, we will reach the destination.

journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Lao Tzu
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