Acceptance and choice

Time and sleep are good, but how about preventing the influence of the emotion as it happens? Well, it is the prevention of the reaction that counts, because it’s not the situation, but the way you make sense of it at that specific moment. A mindful pause and breath awareness could help you break the self-propelling cycle at its infancy. Mindful awareness gives you a choice – you start understanding that the external world does not decide your reaction – you do.

Acceptance and gratitude are also helpful in long-lasting change of perspective. When you practice gratitude, you drop the entitlement, which overabundance of choice has globally caused to wealthier nations. In effect, you expect less, and you are happy more with what you have. In the beginning, gratitude may not be easy to start, but with a little bit of practice, it maintains itself. It becomes your new reality, the one which you’ll appreciate much more than a constant chase of everythingness. 

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